Friday, March 25, 2011

book.fave.rave: TRUE NORTH

I'm seeing a pattern in Marie Force's works. Her works mostly involves Love At First Sight. I don't know the "The Fall" didn't work for me.. but this one,, oh my gosh, i fell for this one. True North is a very touching breath of fresh air. Why? Because this is the first time that i've read about a heroine who works as a model. Well, i never imagined anyone having regrets of being a model..but in this story, Liana is tired of it. The media is getting on her nerves. While Travis on the other hand is just starting to have a steady business in town, but he plans to stay.

I guess this is pretty much predictable (the love part between Travis and Liana), but the whole story is just striking. Especially when Marie Force added Beck and Jessie. They're just meant for each other. I love how Travis cares about Liana and how he went to her shoot at the end...and of course, the 7M contract, Love it! 5 stars =)

The Story of my Life by Neil Diamond is included in the novel. Travis heard this when he decided to pursue Liana. He went to Madrid after ^_^

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