Monday, March 21, 2011

book.fave.rave: THE DARKEST HOUR (KGI #1)

I waited what? a week before i read this book (read it out of sheer boredom). It turned out to be much more than what i expected. This is a great novel about second chances. And its not just the girlfriend-boyfriend-gets-back-together second chances, also not the out-of-divorce way... but a back from the dead type of second chance. Ethan was led to believe that his wife Rachel died in an airplane crash over a year ago and then suddenly, he receives a mail containing proofs that his wife was still alive.

I thought that after they get Rachel out of the hell hole everything would be kinda predictable... but no. Everything wasn't what i expected. Rachel had problems with her memory and is also suffering from drug withdrawal so the whole family needed to help her out in any way.

I admire the resilience of the whole family. This is the first novel wherein i loved the whole family more than i loved the hero. I couldn't put the book down. Its action packed and has a very interesting plot. The funny thing is, Rachel the heroine seem to have her very own harem consisting of all the boys in the Kelley family. I love how they care for her and how they all want her safety. I also love how the family stick up for one another. I love Sam, Garett. Donovan, Joe and Nathan! I even love their mom and dad. What a perfect example for a family. Awesome action-romance novel! 5 stars! ^_^

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