Saturday, March 19, 2011

book.fave.rave: THE PERFECT PLAY (Play by Play #1)

Ahem, of course, see that bod? who wouldn't get distracted? haha! i found this book while browsing @ goodreads. I read it right away, and fortunately.. the cover lives up to the whole story. I love it. Mick is such a hunk. He's popular, good at what he's doing and he's even intelligent (not one of the cliche' dumb football players). Tara on the other hand is not a typical heroine. She's a single mom who's been through A LOT from her childhood and so on. I like, love, adore the plot. At some point, yeah, maybe i wanted to strangle Tara just a little because of my frustration towards her character. No major conflict, which made this book for me, a feel-good read. Oh, did i say i love it? I LOVE IT! 5/5

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