Friday, April 6, 2012



Where am i? I'm at work! But I just finished Mara and Mitch's story.. and i can't help but gush about it!

I am positively hyped up. I love MARA and MITCH (mnm's!! ^_^). As expected, with Kristen Ashley.. she really has a knack for creating fresh, vibrant and beautiful characters. Mara is unique! pretty much different from all heroines in contemporary romances i have read. I love her personality. She's a dork or so she says everytime. She keeps to herself and very quiet at first. I admit that she was weird at first, like stalker-ish and sher groups people into grades and all. Her self confidence needed work...and that's why I LOVE MITCH.

Mitch oh Mitch..where do i even start with your yummyness? hmm.. oh well, that's just it. He's friggin perfect. If i get to write to Mitch, here's how it'll go:

Dear Mitch,

I love your awesomeness, badassness, sweetness and perfectly built body. I would like you to know that you now belong to the league of my fictional boyfriends! Congratulations!

xx Haze

I love how Mitch handles everything.. He handled Mara and made her come out of her shell. He handled Billie and Billy and made them trust him. He handled those kids' dad who's in jail. He also handled the bad guys and made everybody feel safe. He's such a family guy! He's just perfect. He took care of everything and i love him for it.

Their story is an inspiring one. This is a story that says life can be full of bad things and sometimes you'll be alone.. but if help comes? especially one hot badass help? YOU DON'T TURN IT DOWN. YOU EMBRACE IT WITH ALL YOU'VE GOT AND BE THANKFUL FOR IT.

Another 5! I love Kristen Ashley!

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