Friday, April 6, 2012



And just what I needed after working the whole week.

I was so intrigued about this. Nuns as assassins?!

Ismae's character is very likable. She had a nasty childhood. It was good that she was brought to the convent. She learned how to fight for her self. When she met Duval, I knew there was something! ^_^ Duval is just the kind of man for Ismae. Strong, loyal and so very smart. I love how he figures out what who not to trust and what to do next. I am so happy that their romance with was not halted. I would have hated this book had Duval died.

The story is very good..cunning and intelligently written. Although I am not familiar with the history involved in this novel, I was able to understand what was happening because the author laid it all in there. I was never bored. The ending is just.. awesome! No cliff hangers! I am so happy right now that i swear i am going to wait for the next book! =)


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