Monday, September 12, 2011


Oh my.. i passed through a roller coaster of emotions while reading this book. It is hilarious of course, with Gwenvael's self loving character and Dagmar's icy tones. The action/adventure part is not bad as well.. i enjoyed every bit of it. The drama part? ooohh that was so unexpected. I admit, i cried a bit. Its just that i really loved Annwyl's character and i never thought they'd kill her on the third book. Anyway, that scene (scenes) really made me sad and diverted my attention from the main characters of the story..but i was really hoping that someone/something will come along and make it all right, turns out i made the right decision of waiting for something magical to happen. haha! i love the twist. I knew it! i knew the author won't really make me cry and just be sad for the ending. haha.

So there.. back to the main characters. I would say that the author again, made the perfect couple. I love their tandem. I think Dagmar's character is built to be damn intelligent and it worked! =) Gwenvael will always be the most handsome among them but will also be the sweetest.

This is my favorite book from the series so far.. ^_^ a perfect 5!

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