Monday, February 28, 2011


Okay.. i'm a big big big.. THE BIGGEST fan of ALEX PETTYFER!! and i knew i would love I AM NUMBER FOUR the moment i found out that he got the lead role. Oh man..i super duper liked, love the movie! I am somewhat disappointed that he falls in love with a human girl instead of Number Six but what the hell, its ok so long as they both look hot and cool! This movie is really awesome and fantastic. Love the effects, plot and characters.. but mostly, I JUST LOVE ALEX! ^_^

book.fave.rave: LOVE AT FIRST FLIGHT

Utterly amazing. again, a love at first sight and much much more. This book made me cry,laugh, and go mushy from the inside all over again. It made me believe that you can love a person at one glance, and true love waits. I love it. I just finished reading this minutes ago...i feel like i floated in heaven for a while and i'm still coming down from the high. The complications were nothing, i believed in Marie Force's power of making a great ending.. and oh man, she really did! ^_^ I love it!

When you say Nothing at all by Alisson Krauss was included in the book (When they first danced in Michael's house).

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

book.fave.rave: ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS

I love this book for its ability to wake my imagination. I envy people who have seen PARIS.. and this book made me crave it more. I exprienced a myriad of emotions while reading, envy, heart fluttering, excitement, anxiety, frustration and so many more. Its cute when they were both jealous of each other's partner. It was soooo obvious i just couldn't help but be frustrated on how stubborn they were. But it all worked out fine in the end. I am so proud to say that i read this ... and got to sleep at 4am in the morning because i couldn't put it down. 5 OUT OF 5 STARS!

movie.fave.rave: LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS

Sometimes the things you want the most don't happen and what you least expect happens. I don't know - you meet thousands of people and none of them really touch you. And then you meet that one person and your life is changed. 

OHMYGAWD what happened to princess diaries?? she's now hotter than ever..and daring and such a great actress. I totally love this movie. I just finished watching minutes ago and i'm in awe.

I totally got blown away by the plot. Its funny, sexy, dramatic, emotional, charming and amazing. I am a nurse and i've seen people with Parkinson's disease. Its not simple, its not curable (for now) so people just have to live with it and maintain drugs and all. This movie gives people with Parkinson's a lot to hope for and live by.

must watch! =)

here's the soundtrack

Monday, February 21, 2011


Have you ever experienced that after reading a ask your self, why didn't i pick this up earlier? what took me so long to read this? I am experiencing that right now.

I always tell my self (i even put in my reviews) that i am not a fan of emotional reads? well.. its a lie. I AM A SUCKER FOR IT. Maybe i hated them because its very easy for me to get carried away and cry for the characters. Especially a novel like this one. It struck a cord of some sort. Maybe because i love my dad so much and even though i only get to see him for 2 months each year, i still can't imagine life without him.

Amy is not a hard character to figure out and to love. I immediately got it that her grief is really strained with guilt. I for one, am really amazed on how she pulled through. I think, somewhere along the novel, she gained her confidence back and became a very strong character. It was obvious to me, as the reader, that Roger and Amy were attracted to each other, maybe not right away.. but there you go. I figured, Roger didn't wanna see Amy with other guys, which is why he discouraged Cheeks at some point in the novel (Amy didn't quite get this). I also know for a fact that Roger was jealous of Lucien (Hadley's brother). Yeah, the light-on-the-room thing and his reaction to Amy's owl gave him away. I am so glad for Roger.. he honestly deserved to be treated better than Hadley treated him. Her loss. haha.

I think the point of the whole story is for two people to help each other out and eventually, heal. Setting aside the Love story part (which is really awesome btw), i love their whole trip. It all made sense, every place they went to has some kind of meaning to either of them. This in a sense, is an inspiration to me. I finished this book while telling my self, someday.. i'm going on a detour my self and hope for the best. =)


One of the best book in the series so far. Lucia is a hard character to love. She's just soooo stubborn and too cocky for her own good. I hated her especially when she was purposefully hitting and harming Garreth even though the guy only wanted to protect her. Garreth on the other hand, i loved his character the moment i read that its been a year and he's still chasing after Lucia..what a resilience he has to persevere like that. His line "still ruggedly handsome" is etched on my mind. I also love how sweet he was to Lucia aboard the ship. The butterfly and the flower blew me away. I mean, an alpha male doing that? awww... 

I must say.. i had a hard time picturing the Amazon. But i liked it that there were odd creatures mentioned. It just made the book exciting. Maybe not the best plot because of the really complicated heroine.. but the best hero so far (for me). ^_^

book.fave.rave: TIMELESS

This novel is very unique. Maybe because its my first time to read a time travel novel. I like how the main character (Michele) came through the trials that came to her life. Losing her mom just like that? that must have been really hard especially since she didn't know any other family members. She became a really strong character when she had to move to another place and meet new people. I think in real life, that will always be a challenge. A change of scenery and a change of acquaintances. Her going back to an earlier time became an escape for her.

But honestly, i wish that the guy in the end of the story wearing the PW ring is just a nornal PRESENT guy. PW from the past is just so stressful to be with. I wish that in the next book, she gets together with this PRESENT guy and just go back to the past to look for her dad (i mean, to make her dad as the focus).

movie.fave.rave: TANGLED


I also ask myself that sometimes. I love this movie not just because i'm a fairy tale fan.. but because the animation is amazing. I really love Rapunzel's hair here..its the envy of many especially when it was braided by those little kids. Golden hair from the sun? ohmy.. i want one. Rapunzel is really my favorite character from story books, which is why i always wore my hair long back in the day. I loved how she was found by a prince even though she's in the biggest tower ever. Here in Tangled, i admire how they made her character strong. And Eugene aka Flynn? such a humorous character! haha.. he was so funny especially when he showed Rapunzel the "smother". He's too cocky for his own good (even with Max the horse), but it all worked out. And his sacrifice? awww that was so romantic. I even cried when he died. ugh.

What i appreciate in this movie is that they didn't make Rapunzel a miserable character. I mean, she's not a slave or something. Gothel treated her as a daughter (or maybe gother treated her hair as a daughter *bleh*) so she's not the suffering type.

Is it just me or did she (Rapunzel) look like a square enix character in the end?

Anyway... ^_^

Sunday, February 20, 2011


I'm a big fan of fairy tales

I belived i could be Cinderella without the step sisters and the cruel step mom

I played Jasmine (and sang the Aladdin song) at a very early age

I forever love Beauty and the Beast

I dreamed of being kissed awake everyday by my very own prince charming

I wished to be found by my aristocratic grandparents.. Very Anastasia-ish if you even consider that a fairy tale

So yeah, i'm the biggest fan of Happy Endings

maybe this is why i always hate books and movies with bad endings

and why i always treasure any book or movie with a happy ending (even with a very low rating)

whenever i watch or read a victorious story, i smile

and i say to my self.. Someday i'm going to have that too. A happy very own.. MINE

they say everything in this world is possible..

Nothing wrong with dreaming, wishing and believing.. :D

Saturday, February 19, 2011


ever had someone propose in the oddest way you don't know how to answer?

(we were in the parking lot at the mall of asia, lying inside their car after pyrolympics .. i put some pictures of landscapes and some creative shots of people, sayings and thoughts on my new C3 phone so we were browsing...)

me: i'm going to australia

him: ok

me: i won't be going back for sometime

him: ok

me: wait for me?

him: hmmm ok if you give me money monthly

me: ok.. a dollar per day, thats 30 dollars per month

him: thats what? 500 pesos per month?

me: yea

him: haha noway, 

me: lets just spend all the money when i get home, thats what you want right? a one time big time?

him: no if its for other people (meaning if he's the one working in some other country) then its fine

me: ok

him: yeah go there and after some time when you go back here, marry me and we'll both be there.. we'll buy a car.. how many cars do you want?

me: (still not registering what he just said before the car) well, two.. a van and a smaller car.. i don't wanna drive

him: haha, what type of car? 

me: the one wherein you can pull out the roof

him: a top down?

me: (still thinking...) no thats a convertible

him: yea.. a top down

me: no, i distinctly remember reading it from books and on some parts of movies.. its a convertible i want.

him: ok...

me: (LIGHTBULB and grinning) did you just propose to me?

him: huh?

me: that sounded just like a proposal

him: no.. you'll propose to me

me: that was a proposal (smiling widely) 

and i .. laughed? damn if that wasn't such a buzz kill

i don't even know if it was legit

i am soooo over my head right now.

heart pounding stopping thumping 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

photos from


my random thoughts today

i can honestly say that i like being at home

i like it that i'm alone most of the time

i like the silence

and the presence of my laptop

i like my new C3 phone

i like my new and old books

i like reading them in total silence

but i also love music

now playing : Meteor Shower - Owl City

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I read this book with so much excitement...and it never failed me. I felt bad for Regin and Aidan..they were so perfect together. I understand now why Regin is very unique... she has her own history and all. I like it how Aidan stayed true to his promise to always come back. I am officially a fan of their love story. Even though i was pissed with Declan Chase at first because he was too stubborn to accept that he really is the reincarnation of Aidan..can't say i blame him. He has his own past catching up with him. But once he accepted that he really is a berserker and Regin really is meant for him, i was pleased. I think that was what i've been waiting for in the whole book (for the tables to turn).

Regin's character was such a mystery to me after reading the past books. Now that i got to read her story..i can totally say.. I LIKE HER. ^_^ i really do. I liked her because of the way she loved Aidan and all of his other reincarnations. She totally deserve her happily ever after.

Now i have another mystery in mind..what of Lothaire? Is he and Nix an item? I hope someday Nix would get her own story.....

Sunday, February 13, 2011


thanks for another year.

thanks for a mom, a dad and a sister to love.

thanks for friends who stay.

thanks for friends who said hi again.

thanks for friends who will say hello later.

thanks for my reader.

thanks for my books.

thanks for the movies i watch.

thanks for the cartoons i like.

thanks for my voice.

thanks for letting me do things i like and love.

thanks for my dog.

thanks for the internet.

thanks for my new phone.

thanks for the renovation of our home.

thanks for a great year with bumps on the road.

thanks for the laughter.

thanks for the tears.

thanks for the time.

thanks for my life.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

today's rant

When you're older..

You just have to accept that not too many people remembers your birthday.

There will be no more gifts and no more silly birthday cakes.

And people will be too busy to even think of visiting you.

That's just how it is.

You just gotta accept it.

Lonely freak.

book.fave.rave: SAVING THE WORLD AND OTHER EXTREME SPORTS (Maximum Ride book 3)

From the start of this book, my eyes started popping out. Not because i was tired or anything, its just that i kinda got my wish. Haha! yeah, i got my wish for more Fang-Max scenes. My heart started skipping a bit when the book started showing Fang's point of view. And then there was this kiss! oh yeah, boy was i not expecting that! Fang can realllly talk ohmyyy. Personally, at first.. i wanted to tell the characters, ditch the mission stuff and go on a vacation or something.

I was soooo not expecting Max to blurt out in a drug-induced rush that she loooooves Fang. haha! that was so hilariously sweet. And then Angel pretended to be one of the bad guys.. ooohhh that was clever. I finished the book in less than four hours..I still can't believe that they split up! But hey, i'm not really against it, after all.. they found out that they can't live without each other right? sweeetterr. =)

I feel so bad for Ari. After finding out that the one he really admires is actually his half sister, he dies. I hate it that he had to die.

Their captivity (Max's group) was very exciting (for me as a reader) because they get to know the real villains behind everything and Max gets to prove that she really is a smart ass and a very good fighter. I am so glad that Max wasn't really a daughter of that witch!

Anyway, i am soooo holding them to their promise not to split the group up ever again. Fang's blog was really helpful so i hope he gets to keep it for the next books. I am still really looking forward to Fang and Max being together. I mean.. their made for each other! ^_^

Another great ride. love it. =)

Thursday, February 10, 2011


a boo boo experiment. haha!

book.fave.rave: UNEARTHLY (book 1)

I really wasn't anticipating anything with regards this book. I just thought that the cover was good so i placed it into my to-read list. Even when i started reading it, i felt bored. But boy was i soooo wrong. I realized that i was just bored because of Christian. From the very first scene where Clara met Tucker, i wanted him to be "the guy". But Clara just had to be sooo cliche' at first, crushing on the hottest guy. There was this scene wherein Tucker asks Clara what she sees in Christian and i was like.... YEAH WHAT IS IT EXACTLY? And then later in, Clara realized that the question meant Why don't you see me? and i say to my self.. YEAH WHY DON'T YOU? haha! i became part of team Tucker right away!

I only started really loving the book when Clara and Tucker started going out. I thought it was sweet of Wendy to give her brother as a gift on Clara's birthday. haha! i would like to receive a gift like that. I admire Tucker for seeing Clara even though her hair was such a mess and all, and because even though at first, he was scared of Clara's real nature (creature which gives off light hahaha ), he didn't run away when Clara explained. I feel bad for Christian because, well, he blew his chance with Clara. Oh and the twist on the end part? i totally didn't see that coming. But still, even id Christian is an angel/ half/ whatever, i still prefer Tucker. ^_^

A great angel fiction

Looking forward to the next book. =)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

book.fave.rave: SCHOOL'S OUT FOREVER (Maximum Ride book 2)

Like reviewing book 1, i am also excited in reviewing book 2. This time, the flock gets to go to a real school (the normal one). Max and Fang gets to meet new friends (and they get to kiss those friends, haha!). I sweeeaarr, the jealousy part (of Max) is totally hilarious. Of course, there's also the dramatic part which includes Iggy and his new found family. But it all worked out well in the end. I must admit, i enjoyed the "twin Max" scene.

"I think I'm Angel"
"And my dog isn't stupid.You're the stupid one, to think that you could fool us. I can read minds, you idiot."

Haha! I love thst part! Even though it was sort of obvious that she wasn't the real Max, it was fun reading how she got busted and all. I also cannot get over Ari's frustrations... i  mean, how old is he? 8? 7? and crushing on a 14 year old? Okay, given that in the book, he didn't look young but still, its awkward. I also feel sorry for him because of the way his father favored the flock instead of him, his own son. I guess i know why he's mad and frustrated not only with his father but also with himself.

I admire Max even more. There were more of her "strategic orders" in this book and frankly, i am really amazed.  I guess she's really a master planner even on a last minute basis. While reading book 1, i was imagining life with wings.. now with book 2, my imagination leveled up. I now imagine flying in a strategic manner just like the flock. Haha! i know, its crazy, but i bet it'll be breath taking just like in the book. I'd like to see more Fnick...i mean Fang and Max scenes on the next book. I hope their relationship gets to have updates or something.

All in all.. another great ride. I love it! =)

book.fave.rave: FIRELIGHT

First and foremost... GREAT COVER! haha! i really had to let that out first. I appreciate the uniqueness of the cover as well as the uniqueness of the story itself. I love this because Jacinda is a very typical teen (always wants to get her own way), but not typical because she transforms into a dragon. I also like the forbidden love scenario between her and Will. I am sooo looking forward to the next book of this series =).

Monday, February 7, 2011

book.fave.rave: THE ANGEL EXPERIMENT (Maximum Ride book 1)

I read this book last year when i was sooooo bored. I was enticed by the title.. i even thought it was all about angels haha! Well, i was also a bit shocked because i never read the back of the book so i had no idea that this book was all about bird kids. At first, i felt iffy because the characters were all kids and they were acting like adults.But then oh, it all started to get interesting and i was really hooked. I love their adventure. I love THE RIDE. haha. I was already imagining how good it could be if people really had wings right? it would be awesome! Fang and Max had a budding relationship here, which i think isn't weird.. because they're the oldest in the flock and it seems like the younger kids look at them as their mom and dad. I love it i love it i love this book! ^_^

ooohlala..bum rave

5 DAYS before my birthday,,

and i am still

a bum

how original 

is that?


Sunday, February 6, 2011


i always plan

i feel the need to plan ahead

its like i'll go crazy without plans

or a back up plan


my plan this time

is to not plan at all

let things be

be showered with whatever blessing God would give me

and my backup plan

is to remind my self 

not to plan things ahead

and to just


planning and preparing are two different things 

planning is to formulate a scheme or program for the accomplishment, enactment, or attainment of


preparing is to make ready beforehand for a specific purpose, as for an event or occasion or simply.. To make things or oneself ready.

in short.. planning is a very tedious task 

while to prepare...

is simply to anticipate.. 

or to have something to be excited about..

and is much more fun to do.

so thats it...

my big plan =)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I passed everything.


final interview

i was happy

and then

i tuned on

my laptop

found things

i don't and won't and shouldn't believe

please let this be good

so good i'll forget

book.fave.rave: ACROSS THE UNIVERSE book 1

It was my first time reading a Science Fiction Novel. Across the Universe didn't fail me. I SUPER LOVE IT! From the first turn of the page, i totally got hooked. I was rooting for the romance side of the story and it succeeded in every way! I was amazed with how Amy took the situation.. i mean, yeah she was freaked out, but she did what she had to do and she kept being strong. Elder on the other hand, with the surprising twist and all.. i also admire him for standing up for him self and for being honest in the end even though it really didn't matter anymore. I love how he watches over Amy like he was always protecting her. All in all.. such a good read.. 5 STARS! =)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

anime.fave.rave: FUSHIGI YUUGI

I LOVE FUSHIGI YUUGI. I really had to put that first to emphasize my love for this anime. The first time i watched this was when i was still in my Grade school days. At first, i just thought that the character with the Orange hair was so cool for saving the girl from the Green haired boy (Yeah, the first episode i have ever watched was when Tamahome was beating the hell out of Tasuki because he was under the kodoku spell). And then my classmate bought ALL of the episodes (VCDs, dvds aren't available yet those days). After watching all of them, she let me borrow it and watch them for my self. I instantly fell in love with Tamahome. I never thought of Miaka as a bad character, to me she was just a girl surrounded by beautiful guys. Tamahome and Miaka's love story is one of a kind. I think they really suit each other well. Miaka is a very bratty doesn't-wanna-grow-up type of girl with an obsession with food while Tamahome is a very hardworking, money-grabbing, serious type of guy who needs a break.

I felt bad for Hotohori because well, he wasn't chosen by Miaka. He was sooo sweet at some parts that i quite hated Miaka for a while.

I love the love story as well as the complications and fights. For me, this is the ultimate anime. The plot was so well written that i even cried for some scenes (like Nuriko's death, oh that was just sooo heartbreaking).

Maybe i was awestruck with this anime because back then, i too would wan to escape reality. I would really love to go to ancient places where i would be thought of as cool. Haha. Anyway.. i love it and thats a fact =)

My favorite scene in the whole story is when Miaka graduated and then her brother says that he met this guy who claims that he has memories of a past life (one like Tamahome).. and then at the entrance, she sees Tamahome (as Taka now) with their ring... and then she cries.. oh and i pretty much cried too.